Yes, you may design websites for your clients using our services, including scripting and themes. We like providing attractive and practical design ideas for clients.

ThemeFax is a group of talented application developers that create products for marketplaces like Codecanyon and Themeforest. ThemeFax also creates customized websites, software, and applications for a variety of clients and businesses all around the world. ThemeFax offers exceptional assistance to ensure a successful business platform. We are envato marketplace approved and provide direct sales also.

We currently do not offer this service, but soon we will start this service.

Yes, we provide the customization service for a small amount of fee. But it depends. If we become busy with projects, we do not take any custom orders. 

Yes, our source codes are open. If you purchase our product, you will get the complete source code. 

We are currently working on our affiliate program setup. Soon it will be released to the public.